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The students will have the opportunity to work on a project, applying basic technical knowledge of product design, prototyping, assembly, and reporting. The workshop program will engage students in a competition to innovate a product and bring their innovation to reality

¿How to build your Drone?

  • Construct a frame
  • Assemble your drone’s motors
  • Mount your electronic speed controllers (ESCs)
  • Attach the landing gear
  • Add your flight controller
  • Connect LibrePilot to your drone
  • Take your drone for a spin!

Course Organisation

Cad Design

Computer-aided design (CAD) is used in many sectors
related to engineering and architecture, and serves to
design any type of product or structure, from a small
screw to a space rocket. During this course participants
will learn to manage the environment of the 3
Dimensions, creating and modifying 3D objects, with
the help of all collaborators.

3D printer

3D printers offer the ability to print parts and
assemblies made of different materials with different
physical and mechanical properties. In addition, it is an
excellent tool for prototyping. The group of participants
who wish to engage in 3D printing will learn the
fundamental concepts of design, following the entire
process of creating an object, from the moment the
model is conceived, to the material creation of a


A drone is an aircraft that flies without a crew, and
whose design has a wide variety of shapes, sizes,
configurations and features. Today, these aircraft have
multiple applications and possibilities in the civil and
professional market. In the group of participants
interested in the study of drones you will learn about
the basic characteristics, use and applications that these
artifacts have today. Likewise, they will build and pilot
their own quadcopters.

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