Welcome to our drone services section

Our fully Autonomous drones make use of computer vision technology to hover in the air avoiding the objects to keep moving on the right path. We are specialized in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in the soul of our machines to convert them into smarter flying machines.

Fields of application:

Agriculture analytics

Artificial intelligence is strategically important for driving enterprise strategies. Farmers can optimize spraying of pesticides in areas that need treatment, and significantly reduce the amount used, reduce water use, control crops quality and access areas that are difficult to reach with traditional farming tools

Agriculture analytics

Why Environmental monitoring?

The use of our drone equipped with image recognition technologies, contribute as a cost effective, lightweight and quick to deploy solution. Our drones use powerful cameras and the ability to cover relatively large areas in minutes rather than hours.


Mapping inspections and surveys

The combination of deep learning technologies and image recognition opens the door for a huge amount of application, that can help our customer in different monitoring tasks, reducing the expenses in costly hardware depolyments.

Sport and leisure

National drone legislations distinguish between recreational and professional use of drones. Drone technology maturity and accessible prices have made possible the increasing use of drones in different types of Sports.

Sport and leisure